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Johann Taubes Ritter von Lebenswarth 1803 - 1879

July 29, 2009

Frankfurt 1850Johann Taubes Ritter von Lebenswarth (Taube) 1803 - 1879 was a German Regimental doctor and orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy,

Taubes was awarded the The Order of the Iron
CrownOrder of the Iron Crown, and he was the Physician in Ordinary to Johann Josef Wenzel Graf Radetzky von Radetz, the Vice Gerent Archduke John of Austria, and the homeopathic practitioner of the bankers Grunelius and Co, Moritz August von Bethmann Hollweg, Daniel Heinrich Mumm, and Amschel Rothschild,

Taubes was a student of Samuel Hahnemann and present at his funeral, and he was a prover of homeopathic remedies, and he was a colleague of C G Kallenbach, who took over his practice in Frankfurt.

Johann Taubes obviously travelled a great deal, and he practiced in Verona, Frankfurt and Meran, and also in Milan, where he took over the practice of Christophe Hartung in Milan, Johann Taubes eventually died in Vienna.

The Homeopath Kinderspital was endowed by Dr. Taubes, and opened in 1878.

In Bernhard Hirschel’s Zietschrift for February 19, 1879, is the following: Dr. Johann Taubes died in his 75th year at Vienna. (Zeitung fuer Hom. Klinik, volume 28, page 23). (Mentioned again in the Zeitung in 1883).

Taube submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.

Of interest:

Reverend William Taube 1811? - 1880? was the Pastor at the Hospital Of The Holy Spirit in Frankfurt and was a follower of Samuel Hahnemann,

Reverend William Taube treated Friederich Maximillian Bernhardt Fincke with homeopathy for typhoid fever in Frankfurt, and taught Friederich Maximillian Bernhardt Fincke homeopathy. In 1850, the Widow Taube, a fine singer with an alto voice, was treated by Friederich Maximillian Bernhardt Fincke for a problem in her throat, and he noted that she had had a left breast lump cured by homeopathy ‘many years ago’ (presumably by her relative Johann Taubes?)


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