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Karl Jakob Adam 1797 - 1865

July 28, 2009

RussiaKarl Jakob Adam 1797? - 1865? MD was a German orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, and who introduced homeopathy into Russia.

Adam was a student of Samuel Hahnemann, and a member of Samuel Hahnemann’s Provers Union which consisted of Carl Gottlob Caspari, Carl Franz, Gustav Wilhelm Gross, Frantz Hartmann, Carl Gottlob Helbig, Christian Theodore Herrmann, Christian Gottlob HornburgErnst Kummer, Christian Freidrich Langhammer, Viet Meyer, Ernst Ferdinand Rueckert, Friedrich Jakob Rummel, John Ernst Stapf, Teuthorn, Oscar D Tietze,

In 1824, Dr. Adam, who had become acquainted one year before to Samuel Hahnemann, arrived in Russia from Germany. […]. He introduced to homeopathy Dr. Scherring, who later became the Chief physician of the Special Guardian Board… Adam did practice homeopathy but also called it “specific treatment” and, most probably, was never involved in the open struggle with allopaths. The next and the last time we hear about him is when Carl Bojanus mentions that he took part in the activity of the Commission created by the State Council in 1833…


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