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Charles Ozanam 1824 - 1890

July 22, 2009

Charles Ozanam 1824 - 1890 MD was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy.

in 1862, Pope Gregory XVI awarded Charles Ozanam the Order of Saint Gregory the Great.

Ozanam was a colleague of Bazin, Cramoisy, Paul Francois Curie, and Chanet, A Cretin, Fredault, Gounard, Pierre Jousset, Love, Reuben Ludlam, L Molin, Perry, Jean Paul Tessier, and many others.

Charles Ozanam practiced in Paris.

Ozanan submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, and he was the prover of Bothrops lanceolatus, and Charles Ozanam reported on the status of homeopathy in Columbia in the British journal of Homeopathy in 1868.

Charles Ozanam also wrote Une ambulance a la bataille de Mentana, De la forme grave de l’ictère essentiel, La circulation et le pouls histoire, physiologie, sémeiotique, indications therapeutiques, Premier mémoire sur l’efficacité du brome dans le traitement des affections pseudo-membraneuses, Instruction civique, Mémoire sur les dissolvants et les désagrégeants des produits pseudo-membraneux et sur l’emploi du brome, Second mémoire sur l’action curative prophylactique du brome contre les affections pseudo-membraneuses, Étude sur le venin des arachnides et son emploi en thérapeutique, suivie d’une dissertation sur le tarentisme et le tigretier, Opération césarienne et embryotomie: réponse au professeur Pihan Dufeillay, De la légitimité de l’opération césarienne et de ses conditions de succès, and Google Books lists many other books by a Charles Ozanam (possibly his son?) on historical matters, and also many books by Jacques Ozanam, Charles Alphonse Ozanam and Frederic Ozanam, obviously this family were prodigeous writers.

Charles Ozanam’s father lived and practiced as a doctor in Milan, but moved his family to Lyon in 1815 when the Austrians invaded Milan.

Of interest:

Antoine Frederic Ozanam 1813 - 1853, brother of Charles Ozanam, was a French scholar (and a Professor at the Sorbonne). He founded with fellow students the Conference of Charity, later known as the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1997, hence he may be properly called Blessed Frederic by Catholics.

Charles Ozanam was his brother’s homeopathic physician, and he assisted at the Eucharist at Frederic Ozanam’s wedding. Charles Ozanam also cared for Frederic’s daughter Marie when his brother travelled.

His family, which was of Jewish extraction, had been settled in the Lyonnais for many centuries, and had reached distinction in the third generation before Frederic through Jacques Ozanam (1640-1717), an eminent mathematician. Ozanam’s father, Antoine, served in the armies of the Republic, but betook himself, on the advent of the Empire, to trade, teaching, and finally medicine.

After the death of their three month old Louis Benoît, in 1822, and the birth in 1824 of their last child, Charles, the Ozanam family found itself reduced to three children: Alphonse (1804-1888) who was to be a priest and receive the title of Monsignor, Charles (1824-1890) who was to be a doctor like his father and Frederic, born in 1813.

Frederic Ozanam lived with Andre Marie Ampere in Paris, and Charles Ozanam was also a close family friend at this house. Frederic Ozanam’s colleague Francois Rene Vicomte de Chateaubriand was an advocate of homeopathy, and it appears that Frederic Ozanam’s other close colleagues Charles Forbes Rene de Montalembert, and Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire (who consulted Pierre Jousset), were all known to Charles Ozanam, as Jean Paul Tessier mentions them in his writings. Frederic Ozanam also mentions an A M Dufresne, who may be related to Pierre Dufresne.

Abbe Soulacroix, the father of Frederic Ozanam’s wife Amelie, is listed as a homeopathic practitioner in the Bibliothèque homoeopathique in 1833.

From the Ozanam data archives at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France belong to the National Heritage. Interview with Raphaelle Montariol Knight, a descendant of Frederic Ozanam:

Frederic, Amelie and Marie had whooping cough in 1847 and Frederic nearly died.

I also knew that my father worked quietly for his godmother Marie Laporte.This was of great interest me, but he died too early in 1994 before I could interview him. I now regret not having asked more questions in the family. The generation of my cousins and myself, we did not sufficiently become involved, until 1995. We knew there were cousins such as Didier Ozanam, a descendant of Charles, the younger brother of Frederick.

Other Ozanam relatives listed in these archives include Laurent Laporte (Frederic Ozanam’s son) and Marguerite Recamier,


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