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Charles W Mayerhoffer 1804 - 1863

July 15, 2009

Charles W Mayerhoffer Mayerhofer) 1804? - 1863? MD was a German orthodox physician, and Convict Physician at Kremsmunster, who converted to homeopathy to become Physician at the Homeopathic Hospital of Vienna.

In 1832, Mayerhoffer braved the law prohibiting the practice of homeopathy in Austria to conduct secret clinical trials into homeopathy, especially during the first epidemic of cholera.

Mayerhoffer was impressed by his results and observations and so he converted to homeopathy, he conducted many provings of remedies, often using himself as the subject, for example when he took 100th of a grain of tartar emetic, and he used his microscope to study dilutions, which he published in the British Journal of Homeopathy,

Mayerhoffer favoured olfactory methods to determine his choice of remedies,

Mayerhoffer practiced in Munich and in Vienna.

Mayerhoffer submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, and he conducted provings which he published in the Austrian Journal of Homeopathy,.


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