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Friedrick Arnold Klockenbring 1742 - 1795

July 12, 2009

Friedrick Arnold Klockenbring 1742 - 1795 (Klocke Bring) was a German high Official in the police Secret Chancellery Secretary in Hanover, who was writing on music, literature and government.

In 1792, Klockenbring was a famous patient of Samuel Hahnemann, and Klockenbring was a friend of Johann Kaspar Lavater (a close friend of Johannes Hotze),

Klockenbring was treated by Samuel Hahnemann for a mental illness in 1792, when he entered the Georgenthal Sanatorium with symptoms of mania and the baffling ability to combine bits and pieces of poetry that he had learned into poems… at the behest of Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, formerly Ernest III, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld 1784 - 1844, who was the father of Prince Albert 1819 - 1861 ( Thomas Lindsley Bradford, Life & Letters of Samuel Hahnemann (quote from The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann, New Yorkpage 243), (reprinted by B. Jain Publishers, 2004). Page 52 - 53. See also Anon, The Monthly Homeopathic Review, (London 1887). See also  Richard Haehl 1873 - 1932, Samuel Hahnemann: his life and work in two volumes, (The Homeopathic Publishing Company 1922 (German edition), 1926 (London Edition), republished by B Jain and Co (India) 1971). Volume 2, page 37. See also Friedrich A. Kittler, Discourse Networks 1800/1900,  (Stanford University Press, 1992). Page 454. And Martin Dinges, Patients in the History of Homeopathy, (European Association for the History of Medicine and Health Publications, 2002). Page 39.

On 13.2.09 in Osterholz, a play about the origins of homeopathy according to the original texts by Samuel Hahnemann was performed… The writer and office secretary Friedrich Arnold Klocke Bring gained notoriety as “mentally ill and raving mad”, he was one of Samuel Hahnemann’s famous patients.

The description of his treatment for strokes portrayal Klocke Brings during his gloom “of 1796 by the founder of homeopathy, provided the template for an impressive and amusing theatrical adaptation. The Dresden actor Andreas Jung embodied in the one man piece of the physician Samuel Hahnemann and his patients Friedrich Arnold Klocke Bring. An unusual form of mediation of homeopathy as a science by the audience at home and abroad has already been enthusiastically received.

Klockenbring wrote Arthur Young, Esq., F.r.s., ueber Grossbritanniens Staatswirthschaft, Policey und Handlung, Aufsätze verschiedenen Inhalts, Willhelm und Röschen, oder: Die Hollandgänger, eine Operette in Drey Aufzügen,


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