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Darnell Cooper 1890 - 1960

July 07, 2009

**Darnell Cooper **1890? - 1960? was a British lay homeopath who ran correspondence courses in homeopathy in the 1940s and 1950s.

Darnell Cooper was a colleague of J Ellis Barker, John Henry Clarke, Edward W Cotter, John DaMonte, Donald MacDonald Foubister, Arthur Jenner, Thomas Maughan, Noel Puddephatt, Phyllis M Speight, Edwin D W Tomkins Frank Parker Wood,

In the 1930’s a diverse range of assorted lay therapists (mostly homeopaths, herbalists, vegetarians, antivivisectionists, bonesetters, diet therapists, hydrotherapists) became active, including probably 500+ lay homeopaths.

Most towns at that time had a herbalist and a homeopath. Leading figures of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s include Noel Puddephatt, J Ellis Barker, Harold Edgar Tyrwhitt, Leslie J Speight and Phyllis M Speight, Edward W Cotter, Arthur Jenner (born c1916), Frank Parker Wood, Eric F W Powell, George Pettitt, Harry Benjamin (c1890-c1950), Darnall Cooper (c1890-c1960) and Edwin D W Tomkins.


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