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James P Gelston 1824 - 1893

June 29, 2009

James P Gelston 1824? - 1893? MD was a British orthodox physician and surgeon who converted to homeopathy to become a member of The Homeopathic Medico Chirurgical Society of Liverpool.

Gelston practiced in the Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary alongside John Chapman, Henry Cresswell, John James Drysdale, William Gwynn, John William Hayward, John Murray Moore, Platt, Raphael Roche, Adrian Stokes, Willans, Wright.

Gelston was also a colleague of Andral, George Atkin, Cassanova, Grossman, Harvey, John Rutherford RussellTonnerre,

In 1852, James Gelston lived in Wheeler’s Place Belfast.

Gelston submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.


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