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Alphonse Noack 1809 - 1885

June 25, 2009

Alphonse Noack **1809 - 1885 MD Leipsig 1831, father of **Rodolphe Noack, was an orthodox French physician who converted to homeopathy and practiced in Liepsig, to become Physician in Chief at the Homeopathic Hospital of Leipzig.

Alphonse Noack graduated from the University of Leipsig in 1831, and became a student of Samuel Hahnemann, and a member of Samuel Hahnemann’s Prover’s Union.

Alphonse Noack was a colleague of Frantz Hartmann, Christian Gottlob Hornburg, Moritz Mueller, Francois Perrussel, John Ernst Stapf, Karl Friedrich Gottfried Trinks,

Alphonse Noack’s classmate, the aptly named C W Fickel, was a turncoat allopathy who ‘pretended’ to be a homeopath to discredit homeopathy, but Adolphe Noack, knowing his character, warned his colleagues and pulled this thorn out of the flesh of homeopathy.

In 1863, Noack was a pallbearer for Comte Sebastien Gaeten Salvador Maxime Des Guidi.

Alphonse Noack wrote De nutricis virtutibus. Dissertatio inauguralis medica… die VI mensis … ,

Of interest:

Rodolphe Noack 1838 - 1899 was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, as his father Alphonse Noack had done,

Rodolphe Noack was a colleague of Clemens Maria Franz Baron von Boenninghausen, Ernst von Brunnow, Carl Franz, Philip Wilhelm Ludwig Greisselich, Carl Georg Christian Hartlaub, Frantz Hartmann, Christian Gottlob Hornburg, Christian Freidrich Langhammer, Giuseppe Mauro, Georg August Heinrich Muhlenbein, Francesco Romani, G Severin, Karl Friedrich Gottfried TrinksJohann Wilhelm Wahle, Paul Wolf and many others.

Rodolphe Noack practiced in Lyon.

Rodolphe Noack was the son of Alphonse Noack and Eugenie Marianne Schom 1818 - 1899.

Alphonse and Eugenie had the following children: Rodolphe Noack born 18 January 1838, in Leipzig, Kingdom of Saxony, who on 24 November 1862 in Lyon, (married Suzette Marie Henriette Clavel born in Basle, Switzerland, 13 December 1841, the daughter of Alexander Clavel, silk dyer, and Louise Henriette Linder); Agnes Clotilde Noack born on 1st August 1839, in Leipzig, Saxony, (who on 14 February 1860 in Lyon, married Voelcker Frederic Adolphe (b. Frankfurt); Hermann Noack 1846 - 1918, (husband of Mary Dollfus, who created with Edouard Dollfus a textile factory textile in Sausheim, Alsace -  the factory has become a cultural center in 2008); Lucy Noack 1878 - 1954, (married Emile Marchegay), who had two daughters, Odette Marchegay 1900 - 1965 who married Maurice Petsche (the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs), and Yvonne Marchegay 1902, (wife Baudoin de Neufville CEO Dolfuss & Noack); and Frederic Noack born 22 December 1855, Lyon.

Rodolphe and Suzette had the following children; Jeanne Noack, born on 30 March 1868 in Lyon (who on 5 November 1902 in Lyon, Jeanne married Gustave de Stoutz, a lawyer, born in Geneva); Louise Henriette Alphonsine, born on 6 March 1869 in Lyon (who on 21 May 1886 in Lyon, married Gustave Poussineau); Alexandre Noack, born on 4 December 1871 in Lyon, (who on 31 May 1899 in Paris, married Louise Jackson).