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Franz Xaver Kinzel 1795 - 1857

June 08, 2009

Franz Xaver Kinzel 1795? - 1857? was an Austrian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become the homeopathic physician of Prince Paul Anton III Esterhazy, and one of the first homeopaths to practice in Italy.

Kinzel was a student of Samuel Hahnemann, and he was a colleague of Cosmo Maria De Horatiis, Giuseppe Mauro, Georg von Necker, Francesco Romani, Smicht,

Prince Paul Anton III Esterhazy attended a Homeopathic Conference with Kinzel just before his death in 1866.

Pierre Augustus Rapou says: About 1827 Prince Paul Anton III Esterhazy went to Italy, accompanied by a homoeopathic physician, Dr. Kinzel.

On reaching Rome, Kinzel remained for some time in that city, awaiting the return of the Prince, and employed his time practicing and popularizing Homeopathy. He made some happy cures, showing the advantage of the new method, and when he departed with the Prince he had left the ground in a fit condition for future effort.

Some years later Cosmo Maria De Horatiis, Giuseppe Mauro, Francesco Romani, those distinguished homeopathists from Naples, stopped in Rome in their trips to the North of Italy. The many patients of Kinzel, hearing of their arrival, desired to be treated by the new method, and the physicians were thus detained there many days.

William Huber says that in 1834 the adherents of Homeopathy in Trieste united for the purpose of inducing a homeopathic physician to settle there. They persuaded Dr. Kinzel to come to them from Naples, and he remained until 1845. (Pierre Augustus Rapou, vol. 1, p, 120. World’s Conven., vol. 2, pp. 204, 1068.)


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