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Rene Paturiaux 1907 - 1963

June 05, 2009

Rene Paturiaux1907 - 1963 was a Belgian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become, a member of Société Belge d’Urologie, a member of the Société royale d’entomologie de Belgique, a founder of a Belgian school of homeopathy, the l ‘Ecole Belge d’Homéopathie,

Paturiaux was a colleague of Caulier, Edgard Delestinne, Renaux, Jules Pasini, Edouard Schepens,

Rene Paturiaux practiced at rue Camille Lemonnier, 33, Bruxelles.

In 1942, Renaux, Jules Pasini and Rene Paturiaux organised a Homeopathic Conference in Brussels, and in 1952, Caulier, Paturiaux, Edgard Delestinne and Edouard Schepens established a Belgian school of homeopathy.

Rene Paturiaux was educated at the University of Brussels, and trained in medicine at the Hospital of Saint Pierre. In 1937, he trained in homeopathy under Edouard Schepens, and in 1837, he was working at the Homeopathic Hospital of Saint Jaques in France. In 1953, he was one of the founders of the l ‘Ecole Belge d’Homéopathie,