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Francesco Taglianini 1795 - 1865

June 04, 2009

Francesco Taglianini 1795? - 1865? was an Italian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become a Professor at Bologna University,

Taglianini was a colleague of Anfosso, Anniballi, Guiseppe Belluomini, Bondini, Cajaro, Hugh Cameron, Edward Cronin, Paul Francois Curie, Harris F DunsfordWilliam Kingdon, Victor Massol, Monti, G Palmieri, Polagi, Rabatta, Francesco Romani, Rocco Rubini, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, Sagliocchi, Stephen Simpson, Thomas Uwins, Varni, Vianelli,

Taglianini practiced in Ascoli, in Etats du Pape, and in London.

Francesco Taglianini was a pioneer of Homeopathy in Italy. According to Frederick Hervey Foster Quin he was practicing in Ascoli in 1834. Pierre Augustus Rapou says that it was in 1826 that the celebrated physician Taglianini came to Naples and there observed under the conduct of Francesco Romani the results of homeopathic treatment: he left the city filled with admiration for this method that had so soon showed its superiority over the old procedure.

Dadea says that Taglianini acquired his knowledge of Homeopathy from the translations of Francesco Romani of the Samuel Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura.

Pierre Augustus Rapou says that the celebrated physician, Francesco Taglianini. at the beginning of the year 1826 went to Naples to observe, under the treatment of Francesco Romani, the results of homeopathic treatment and left the place filled with admiration at a method so superior in every way to old medical means.

He was of Ascoli. (In 1830) He went with Francesco Romani in the suite of John Talbot 16th Earl of Shrewsbury to England (They both returned to Italy the following year). There is some doubt as to the date of this visit. It would seem that it was not as early as 1827, but even as late as the year 1830. (Pierre Augustus Rapou, volume 1, page 134, British Journal of Homeopathy, volume 14, page 192, World’s Conv. , volume 2, page 96)

In 1837, Taglianini was only one of ten homeopaths practicing in London alongside Guiseppe Belluomini, Hugh Cameron, Edward Cronin, Paul Francois Curie, Harris F DunsfordWilliam Kingdon, Victor Massol, Stephen Simpson, and Thomas Uwins,

Taglianini submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.


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