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Jules Adolphe Edouard Tallien of Cabarrus 1801 - 1870

June 03, 2009

Jules Adolphe Edouard Tallien of Cabarrus 1801 - 1870 was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy.

Cabarrus taught A Cretin, and he was a colleague of Victor Arnaud, Blane, Victor Chancerel, Simon Felix Camille Croserio, Paul Francois CurieA J Davet, Antoine Hippolyte Desterne, Dezauche, Franco, Gottlieb Heinrich Georg Jahr, Gueyrard, Laburthe, Lafitte, Leboucher, Libert, Milcent, Jean Jacques Molin, Perry, Antoine Henri Petroz, Mathias Roth, Leon Francois Adolphe Simon,and many others.

Cabarrus practiced in Paris.

Cabarrus was the son of Gabriel Julien Ouvrard and Theresa Cabarrus, and his siblings were Clemence, Clarisse and Theresa.

Jules Cabarrus married Adelaide Marie de Lesseps (born in Versailles on 4 December 1803) (elder sister of Ferdinand Marie, Vicomte de Lesseps and daughter of Mathieu de Lesseps, then Consul General of France in Philadelphia) on 3 May 1821, and they had two sons who would change their name Tallien OF CABARRUS in 1866, (Julien Dominique Marie Edouard Tallien of Cabarrus, and Charles Adolphe Tallien Cabarrus)…

Cabarrus’s Obituary is in The British Homeopathic Journal in 1870.

Cabarrus submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.

Of interest:

Theresa Cabarrus was previously married** **to Francois Joseph Philippe de Riquet 1771 - 1843 Comte de Caraman was the 16th Prince de Chimay from 24 July 1804 to 1843. (On 22 August 1805, Francois Joseph Philippe de Riquet married Theresa de Cabarrus, aka. Madame Tallien, former wife of Jean Lambert Tallien. Their children were Joseph Philippe (1808-1886), 17th Prince de Chimay, Prince de Caraman; Michel Gabriel Alphonse Ferdinand (1810-1865) - father of Marie Clotilde Elisabeth Louise de Riquet, comtesse de Mercy Argenteau, and Marie Auguste Louise Therese Valentine (1815-1876))