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Jacob Dixon 1818 - 1890

May 24, 2009

Jacob Dixon 1818? - 1890 LRCP, MD 1827 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a member of the British Homeopathic Society, and a Medical Officer at the London Homeopathic Hospital.

Jacob Dixon was also a spiritualist and mesmerist. In 1855, Paschal Beverly Randolph made the acquaintance of a number of spiritualists when he came to London and toured the spiritualist circles in 1855, and these included John Ashburner, Jacob Dixon, Edward Bulwer LyttonThomas ShorterJames John Garth Wilkinson (and his brother William Martin Wilkinson) and many others (John Patrick Deveney, Paschal Beverly Randolph: a nineteenth-century Black American spiritualist, rosicrucian, and sex magician, (SUNY Press, 1997).  Page 383).

Jacob Dixon was a colleague of Allman, the Countess of Blessington, Robert Browning, Thomas Carlyle, Charles Dickens, William Vallancy Drury, Benjamin Fawcett, Albany William Fonblanque, John Forster, Edward Hamilton, Thomas Henry Huxley, Walter Savage Landor, Eliphas Levi, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Kenneth Robert Henderson MacKenzie, Edward M Madden, Robert Owen, Paschal Beverly Randolph, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, Thomas Shorter, Thomas Noon Talfourd, John Tyndall, Stephen Yeldham, and many others.

Jacob Dixon was not an advocate of exclusive diets.

Jacob Dixon was also a homeopathic physician at the Charlotte Street Institution, and he also practiced from 25 Bedford Row, London, and \**at 8 Great Ormond Street,

Paschal Beverly Randolph made the acquaintance of a number of spiritualists when he came to London and toured the spiritualist circles in 1855, and these included John Ashburner, Jacob Dixon, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Thomas Shorter, James John Garth Wilkinson, William Wilkinson and many others.

Jacob Dixon was a proponent of magnetism, and a member of the Zoist Group in the 1850s. Dixon was active in organising early British spiritualism, and secretary to the London Spiritualist Movement (later the Spiritualist Union), and he edited a journal,_ The Two Worlds_, devoted to homeopathy, spiritualism and abstinence.

Jacob Dixon’s Obituary is in The Homeopathic World in 1890.

Jacob Dixon edited The journal of Health, The Two Worlds, and _The Spiritual Messenger _with Kenneth Robert Henderson MacKenzie, and he also submitted cases and articles to various spiritualist publications, and he also wrote The Poetical Works of Jacob Dixon, Crystal Gazing and Clairvoyance, Investigations Into the Primary Laws which Determine and Regulate Health and Disease… , Clairvoyance: Hygienic and Medical, Indigestion Familiarly Treated; with Reference to Its Prevention as Well as Cure, Cholera, Homeopathy and life assurance, Thirty two papers on homeopathy, Infanthood and childhood; a popular guide to its management and treatment, and he also submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic journals.

Of interest:

Henry Dixon 1800 - 1879? was a British Banker and auditor who worked at the Bank of England who was an advocate of homeopathy, and an auditor of the Mangement Committee of the Manchester Homeopathic Hospital, and a member of the Association for the Protection of Homeopathic Students and Practitioners.

William Hepworth Dixon 1821 - 1879 was also a spiritialist present alongside Jacob Dixon


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