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Giles Forward Goldsbrough 1856 - 1933

May 15, 2009

Giles Forward Goldsbrough (Goldsborough) 1856 - 1933 MB CM Aberdeen 1877 MD 1881 was a British orthodox physician who was a life long homeopath. Goldsbrough was a physician at the Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary, a physician at the London Homeopathic Hospital, an Editor of the British Homeopathic Journal, member of the British Homeopathic Association, President of the British Homeopathic Society, member of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

Giles Forward Goldsbrough was a student of Edward William Berridge and Richard Hughes, and a colleague of William Bayes, Charles Harrison Blackley, John Galley Blackley, David Dyce Brown, George Henry Burford, James Compton BurnettJohn Moorhead Byres Moir, John Henry Clarke, H A Clifton Harris, Robert Thomas Cooper, R M Le Hunt Cooper, Paul Francois Curie, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, David Dyce Brown, John Epps, Washington Epps, Clarence Granville Hey, Richard Hughes, Gottlieb Heinrich Georg Jahr, James Johnstone, C T Knox Shaw, Thomas Robinson Leadam, Octavia Margaret Sophia Lewin, Edward M Madden, Henry R Madden, David MacNish, John Moorhead Byres Moir, Edwin Awdas Neatby, Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, Mathias Roth, Thomas Skinner, Thomas George Stonham, Harold Wynne Thomas, Florence Nightingale Ward, Charles Edwin Wheeler, John Weir, David Wilson, James Craven Wood, Dudley d’Auvergne Wright, Stephen Yeldham and many others.

Giles Goldsbrough practiced at 133 Cold Harbour Lane, London SE. and at 32 Weymouth Street W1.

Dr Goldsbrough… first met John Henry Clarke in the Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary, when studying medicine. This was in 1876, having been a homoeopath from his birth upwards…

Dr Goldsbrough came to London in 1877, twenty one years of age, and newly qualified. (John Henry Clarke was his senior by 5 or 6 years). They both joined the London School of Homeopathy instituted by William Bayes, of which Richard Hughes and David Dyce Brown were then lecturers. John Henry Clarke and himself were the only two students.

At the end of the session, William Bayes was so enthusiastic to get the best results that he offered a prize of ten guineas for the best answers to any questions that might be put on the lectures. John Henry Clarke won that prize, but William Bayes then offered an additional prize of five guineas to Dr Goldsbrough, and with that prize he was able to purchase the already issued volumes of Timothy Field Allen’s Encyclopaedia of Materia Medica.

John Henry Clarke was then house physician of the Hospital, but after that he soon went to Ipswich. They trained in Liverpool in 1876 and then moved to London in 1877…

Giles Forward Goldsborough attended (Anon, The Homeopathic World, Volume 43, (1908). Page 236) the 2nd International Homeopathic Congress held in London (Anon, The Medical Counselor, Volume 7, (The Michigan State Homeopathic Society, 1883). Page 347) in on 11th-18th July 1881 (Anon, The Homeopathic World, (August 1,1881)) at Aberdeen House, Argyll Street, Regent Street.

Giles Goldsbrough attended the International Congress of Homeopathy in 1896.

Giles Goldsbrough attended the Eighth Quinquennial Homeopathic International Congress Held at London, England, July 17 to 22, 1911.

Giles Goldsbrough worked at the London Auxillary Hospital for Naval Casualties during 1914 - 1919. He also endowed the Ypres Ward at the The Anglo French American Hospital in Neuilly sur Seine in 1915.

Giles Goldsbrough wrote First principles in therapeutics, The key to life, Recent discussions on “time”, Some prolegomena to a philosophy of medicine, Mental activity from a realist standpoint, Topical, mental, & social aspects of brain function, Cerebral Localisation, and he also submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.


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