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Carl Gustav Puhlmann 1840 - 1900

May 14, 2009

Carl Gustav Puhlmann 1840 - 1900 MD, was a German orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become the Assistant of the Homeopathic Institute in Leipzig, and the Editor of Leipziger populäre Zeitschrift für Homöopathie.

Carl Gustav Puhlmann was a colleague of Carl Heinigke, Clotar Moriz Mueller,

Carl Gustav Puhlmann visited Samuel Hahnemann’s daughters Charlotte Hahnemann and Louise Mossdorf in Kothen,

Carl Gustav Puhlmann was a colleague of Clotar Moriz Mueller, and together they wrote Volume II, The History of Homeopathy, contains contributions both foreign and domestic.

Appropriately enough, the first section is a 90 page history of homeopathy in Germany 1794-1875, including statistics about certain hospitals and dispensaries, written by Carl Gustav Puhlmann and Clotar Moriz Mueller.

This is followed by an historical and statistical report on homeopathy in the United Kingdom, specifically Great Britain and Ireland, each section written by a different member of the British Homeopathic Society: C B Kerr, Herbert Nankiveli, Richard Hughes, Alfred Crosby Pope and William Bayes.

Carl Gustav Puhlmann wrote Handbuch der homöopathischen Praxis, Maly homeopatyczny lekarz domowy, _Volume II, The History of Homeopathy, _Kleines Vademecum, Beknopt homoeopathisch vademecum, Hamamelis, een voortreffelijk Amerikaansch genees- en toiletmiddel, Den lilla homeopatiska husläkaren, Kleiner homöopathischer Hausarzt, and he also wrote articles and submitted cases to various homeopathic publications.


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