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John Stuart Sutherland 1810 - 1878

May 10, 2009

John Stuart Sutherland 1810? - 1878? LRCS Edinburgh 1834, MD St. Andrews 1838, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, retired Colonel from the Honorable East India Company, to become Vice President of the Midland Homeopathic Medical Society, a member of the Hahnemann Society, a member of The Northern Homeopathic Medical Association, and Physician at the Edinburgh Homeopathic Dispensary,

John Stuart Sutherland practiced at 17 York Terrace, Leamington, Warwichshire, and at 1 Carlton Street, Edunburgh, and at Oakleigh Cottage, Wardie, Edinburgh.

In 1848, the staff at the Edinburgh Homeopathic Dispensary, George Atkin, Samuel Cockburn, John Rutherford Russell, Dionysius Wielobycki, treated a case of Asiatic Cholera and submitted this for publication in The British Journal of Homeopathy.

In 1852, John Stuart Sutherland signed the petition drawn up by John Rutherford Russell in support of Edinburgh Graduates who had converted to homeopathy, when Alfred Crosby Pope was refused his Doctorate due to his homeopathic conversion by the Allopathic physicians.

Sutherland also submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic journals. John Stuart Sutherland also wrote Health, Disease and Homeopathic Treatment, Observations on the Medico Statistical Features of the Upper Scinde, A New Species of Opium, Therapeutic Remarks on Renal Elimination,

Of interest:

John Sutherland 1808 – 1891 was a physician and promoter of sanitary science, and life long friend of Florence Nightingale.

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