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Juan Bertran 1885 - 1936

April 24, 2009

Juan Bertran **1885? - 1936? **was a Spanish orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become the Spanish Delegate at The International Homeopathic League.

The International Homeopathic League was founded in Rotterdam (Holland), on the 10th September, 1925 by Roy Upham USA, the first President, George Henry Burford, England, the first Vice President, and Harold Fergie Woods, England, Clarence Granville Hey, England, Edwin Awdas Neatby, England, Victor Ellwood, England, M Fremont Kranz Busch, Germany, Jean Paul Tessier Junior, France, E C Tuinzing, Holland, Augusto Vinyals, Spain, Juan Bertran, Spain, Petrie Nicholas Grouleff, Denmark, A. Moeira Piedras, Brazil and Pierre Schmidt, Switzerland.

Of interest:

E Bertran was an American homeopath in 1898.

J Bertran was a Spanish homeopath in 1918.

Ramon Bertran was a Spanish homeopath in 1899.