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Herbert Mayo 1796 - 1852

April 24, 2009

Herbert  Mayo 1796 - 1852 was a British Neurologist, Physiologist and Anatomist, and a Lecturer on anatomy at the Great Windmill Street School of Anatomy. Surgeon at the Middlesex Hospital, 1827–42. Professor of anatomy, King’s College, London, 1830–6. FRS 1828.

Herbert Mayo was a student of Sir Charles Bell, and he was a colleague of William Benjamin Carpenter, Carl Gottlob Caspari, Charles Darwin,

Herbert Mayo was enthusiastic about mesmerism, and he invented a Odometer to prove its effects, and Carl Gottlob Caspari was his assistant in these experiments. Mayo was also a proponent of the Water Cure, and he investigated homeopathy alongside William Benjamin Carpenter,

Mayo wrote many books, including On the truths contained in popular superstitions with an account of Mesmerism, and he contributed to The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica of Timothy Field Allen, edited by Richard Hughes.


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