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Louis Malaise 1808 - 1851

April 10, 2009

Louis Malaise 1808 - 1851 was one of the first Belgian orthodox physicians to convert to homeopathy.

Mailaise practiced in Liege, and he was a colleague of O Brixhe 1785 - 1885, Jean Francois Dugniolle, C L de Meester (1800-1855) and Gottlieb Heinrich Georg Jahr.

It is, in 1835, that Gottlieb Heinrich Georg Jahr founds in Liege the first Belgian Association for homeopathy with the aim “to contribute, by its scientific works to the progress of homeopathy, to its propagation and to its vulgarisation”.

This association is constituted of 10 homeopaths representing 7 cities, its existence is unfortunately of short length. One of the members, from Brussels J F Dugniolle (1808-1892) defends homeopathy at the first Belgian medical convention.

In 1837, 15 homeopaths meet to discuss and C L de Meester (1800-1855) publishes ” Some considerations on the homeopathic medicine ” in the annals of the  Medical Society of Gent, at the same time Louis Malaise creates his “homeopathic Clinic for the use of physicians and high class people”.

Louis Malaise wrote Clinique homoeopathique, à l’usage des médecins et des gens du monde,


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