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Edward Strachey 1812 - 1901

April 08, 2009

Edward Strachey, 3rd Baronet 1812 - 1901, son of Julia Strachey and Edward Strachey, was a religious and philosophical writer.

Edward Strachey was an advocate of homeopathy, and suffered an inflammed knee which was to trouble him for years and prevent him from entering the service of the East India Company, as his father had done (the homeopath was recommended to Strachey for his injured knee by James Pierrepont Greaves (J. E. M. Latham, Search for a new Eden: James Pierrepont Greaves (1777-1842), the sacred socialist and his followers, (Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, 1999). Page 66). James Pierrepont Greaves was a friend of James John Garth Wilkinson from the late 1840?s (John Fletcher Clews Harrison, Robert Owen and the Owenites in Britain and America: The Quest for the New Moral World, (Taylor & Francis, 1969). Page 115).

Was James John Garth Wilkinson the homeopath recommended to Edward Strachey, who is listed in both of  James John Garth Wilkinson’s address books at Sutton Court, Pensford, Bristol (Swedenborg Archive Address Book of James John Garth Wilkinson dated 1895. _See also Swedenborg Archive _Address Book of James John Garth Wilkinson ‘Where is it’ dated 1.10.1892)?

He was a friend of Thomas Carlyle, James Pierrepont Greaves, and a student and friend of Frederick Denison MauriceJames John Garth Wilkinson (Swedenborg Archive Address Book of James John Garth Wilkinson dated 1895),

Edward Strachey married Elizabeth Wilkieson in 1844, and Mary Isabella Addington (the daughter of John Addington Symonds) in

  1. In 1858, he inherited the Baronetcy and became a high Sheriff in Somerset, a Poor Law Guardian and a member of Somerset County Council.

Strachey admired William Gladstone and wrote widely on political and religious affairs. He also edited Thomas Malory’s Morte de Arthur.


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