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Henry Tudor Edmunds 1899 - 1987

March 29, 2009

Henry Tudor Edmunds 1899? - 1987? MB, BSc, MRCS, LRCP, trained at Kings College London Dental Hospital, and the (Tropical) Diseases Hospital London. was a British General Practitioner who practiced in Slough.

Tudor Edmunds was a Vice President of the The London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination in 1883, and he was still a member in 1952, alongside Henry Valentine Knaggs, Erich Kurt Ledermann, Dorothy Shepherd and Harold Fergie Woods and many others.

Tudor Edmunds was Chairman of the Science Group of the Theosophical Research Centre.

Medical education in London and then Kings College London Dental Hospital completed and has been working in the (Tropical) Diseases Hospital London. Group of the Center for Research in Science Thosophical Society London as a member of the Board of Directors has worked and published articles in publications of the center.

In 1979, Tudor Edmunds had retired, and he was still writing about his reminiscences of treating a local Gypsy population. He recounts how he learnt most of his knowledge of ‘old cures’ from his grandmother, and she had learnt them from her grandmother, and these were mostly Romany ‘cures’.

Tudor Edmunds wrote Mass Vaccination, The Influence of the Unconcious on Healing, Psychism and the Unconscious Mind, A world in revolution; the Blavatsky lecture delivered at the Annual Convention of the Theosophical Society, Drugs: Their Uses and Dangers, Drugs: some questions and answers,


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