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Charles Thomas Knox Shaw (1855-1939)

March 27, 2009

Charles Thomas Knox Shaw (1855-1939) (*photo used courtesy of Homéopathe International by Sylvain Cazalet at PHOTOTHÈQUE HOMÉOPATHIQUELRCP, MRCS, MD London was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become Ophthalmic Surgeon and Senior Surgeon at the London Homeopathic Hospital, and Honorary Vice President of the International Homeopathic Congress at the American Institute of Homeopathy, and a member of the British Homeopathic Association, and the British Homeopathic Society.

Knox Shaw was elected as the Medical Officer of Health in Hastings in 1881, and he was involved in the operation of the Homeopathic Military Hospital at Neuilly sur Seine in 1916.

Knox Shaw also practiced at 105 Harley Street W1 and 19, Upper Wimpole Street.

From _[Some Abiding Themes Hewn from British Homeopathic History]( by Peter Morrell. '... In contrast to devotees of high potency, for doctors like ‘… [John James ](/archives/2008/07/29/the-drysdale-family-and-homeopathy/)_[Drysdale](/archives/2008/07/29/the-drysdale-family-and-homeopathy/)… low dilutions did best and he found no advantage above the 3rd decimal…’ _(Frank Bodman, _Richard Hughes Memorial Lecture_, _British Homeopathic Journal 59,_ (1970). Page184). [Thus the 3x became the officially approved and standard tool of UK homeopathic practice from 1830 to 1900]( The early UK homeopaths therefore comprised ‘… _a remarkably able cohort of 3x men –  [Stephen Yeldham](/archives/2008/10/01/stephen-yeldham-1810-1896/), [John Galley Blackley](/archives/2008/11/21/the-blackley-surname-and-homeopathy/), [John Moorhead Byres Moir](/archives/2008/12/06/john-moorhead-byres-moir-1853-1928/), [Washington Epps](/archives/2008/07/30/the-epps-family-and-homeopathy/), C T Knox Shaw, etc…’ _to which we can also add the names of ‘… [John Epps](/archives/2008/07/30/the-epps-family-and-homeopathy/)_, [Paul Francois Curie](/archives/2008/07/26/paul-francois-curie-and-homeopathy/), [David Wilson](../archives/2008/10/04/david-wilson-1811-1889/) as well as [Alfred Crosby Pope](/archives/2009/03/29/alfred-crosby-pope-1830-1908/), [Richard Hughes](/archives/2008/07/04/richard-hughes-and-homeopathy/), [David Dyce Brown](/archives/2008/12/14/david-dyce-brown-1840-1910/),… [William Bayes](/archives/2008/08/05/william-bayes-and-homeopathy/), [Thomas Robinson Leadam](/archives/2008/10/04/thomas-robinson-leadam-1809-1881/) and [Robert Ellis Dudgeon](/archives/2009/05/18/archives/2009/08/29/robert-ellis-dudgeon-1820-1904/)_…’' (A Taylor Smith, _letter re Dr Borland’s Obituary_, _British Homeopathic Journal 50.2_, (July 1961). Page 119 and page 123).

TWELFTH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC, OPHTHALMOLOGICAL, OTOLOGICAL AND LARYNGOLOGICAL SOCIETY, HELD IN ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., JUNE 19TH AND 20TH, 1899. Soon after assuming office the corresponding members selected at the last meeting, Charles Thomas Knox Shaw and Dudley d’Auvergne Wright of London, England, and Daniel Parenteau of Paris, France, were each notified of  their election. Daniel Parenteau did not reply to his letter of notification or to one sent by the President later.

Knox Shaw replied:

19, Upper Wimpole st., W., London, Feb. 16, 1899.

Dear Sir

I have much pleasure in acknowledging the honor conferred upon me by your society, in electing me one of its corresponding members. I have never yet visited America, but am hoping, each year, to be enabled to do so. Unfortunately, I do not see my way to getting over this year, but I hope one day to get to one of your interesting meetings.

I am, dear sir, yours sincerely,

C. Knox Shaw.


19, Upper Wimpole st, W., London, March 13, 1899.

Dear Dr. Bissell:

It is with great reluctance that I have to reply to your very kind invitation by saying that I shall be unable to get over to your meeting this year at Atlantic City. I have a very great longing to pay your country a visit, and to meet some whose acquaintance it has been my pleasure to make in this country, and to see more whom I do not know personally, but whose fame is so well known over here. I am sure I should much enjoy the visit: the many kind letters I have received make my regret the more keen.

With kind regards, I am yours fraternally,

C. Knox Shaw.

Knox Shaw edited The London Homeopathic Hospital Reports with George Henry Burford, and John Moorhead Byres Moir, and he contributed cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.

Of interest:

Harold Knox Shaw 1885 – 1970, son of C T Knox Shaw, was an English astronomer.