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Denys Collet 1824 - 1909

March 22, 2009

Father Denys Collet 1824 - 1909, MD Paris, also referred to as Rev Doctor T M J Collet, and** R P Collet** was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become the founder of Isopathy.

In 1861, Father Collet witnessed a homeopathic cure by Dominican Father Monsabre, and Collet immediately began to practice homeopathy. Collet discovered isopathy during a small pox epidemic in Flanigny in 1871 after using vaccininum.

Father Collet worked for many years in Mosul in Iraq, where he experimented widely with isopathy. In 1874, he experimented with a diphtheria isopathic nosode in Mosul Iraq, during an epidemic. He called his nosode Dipterine, and its proving was entered as Diphtherinum into the Repertories of Henry Clay Allen and John Henry Clarke, William Boericke and Samuel Swan.

Denys Collet was born in Frazi, Eure et Loire, in 1824, and obtained his MD in Paris. Collet practiced for 12 years before beginning his training as a Dominical, where he first experienced homeopathy.

On his return to France, Collet became the physician of a small convent, where he continued to treat his community with isopathic homeopathic nosodes. In 1898 at the age 0f 74, Collet published his book Isopathic Methode Pasteur par voie interne.

Collet distringuishes three kinds of isopathy:

  1. PURE: the seceretion of the patient used to cure the same disease.
  2. ORGANIC: (we currently call this ORGANOTHERAPY).
  3. SCROTHERAPIC: dilution of hyper immune serum.

In 1903, his community being dissolved, Collet removed to Aubagne in Luxembourg, where he died in 1909.

Of interest:

Horace A Collett was an American homeopath who served in WWI.


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