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Ernest Bevin 1881 – 1951

March 19, 2009

Ernest Bevin PC 1881 – 1951 was a British Labour leader, politician, and statesman best known for his time as Minister of Labour in the war time coalition government, and as Foreign Secretary in the post war Labour government.

Ernest Bevin was a patient of Andrew Tocher Cunningham (Samuel James Woodall, The Manor House Hospital: a personal record, (Routledge & K. Paul, 1966). Multiple pages), Consultant ENT Surgeon at the London Homeopathic Hospital, and Ernest Bevin was a major sponsor of the Manor House Hospital, and he would have known Jesse Dickson Mabon, William Burnett Douglas Miller, Dudley d’Auvergne Wright, and the many other famous homeopaths who worked at the Manor House Hospital.

From Ernest Bevin was born in the small village of Winsford in Somerset, England to Diana Bevin who, since 1877, had described herself as a widow. His father is unknown. After his mother’s death in 1889 the young Bevin lived with his half sister’s family, moving to Morchard Bishop in Devon.


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