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John William Hobart Barlee 1873 - 1952

March 11, 2009

John William Hobart Barlee 1873?

Hobart Barlee worked at the Homeopathic Hospital at Neuilly sur Seine in France, 1914-1916, alongside George Henry Burford, Alfred Edward Hawkes, James Johnstone, David MacNish, Frederick Neild,

Hobart Barlee  practiced in Lyons for several years, and also at 6 Coates Crescent in Edinburgh, at 23 Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells, and at 3, Eue Washington. Germany.

Hobart Barlee was a member of the Plymouth Brethren,

Hobart Barlee translated articles by Leon Vannier for the British Homeopathic Society, and he also wrote articles for various homeopathic publications.