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A Cretin 1826 - 1902

February 24, 2009

A Cretin 1826? - 1902? was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a Physician at the Hospital Saint Jacques, founded in Paris in 1870, and a member of the Societe Medical Homeopathique de France.

A Cretin was a student of Jules Adolphe Edouard Tallien of Cabarrus, and a colleague of Paul Francois Curie, and Chanet, Cramoisy, Fredault, Gounard, Pierre Jousset, Love, Reuben Ludlam, L Molin, Charles Ozanam, and Perry.

In 1858 Alexandre Charge, Audouit, A Cretin, Antoine Hippolyte Desterne, Escallier, Gastier, Gueyrard, Leboucher, Love, L Molin, Antoine Henri Petroz, and Leon Francois Adolphe Simon, successfully prosected the authors of an article in the Union Medicale for misrepresenting homeopathy by attacking it with false allegations and by ‘drawing conclusions contrary to the truth’.

A Cretin compiled the writings of Antoine Henri Petroz, and he wrote the Obituary of Jean Paul Tessier. He was a prolific writer, contributing many articles to homeopathic publications.


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