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William Tilbury Fox 1836 - 1879

February 11, 2009

William Tilbury Fox 1836 - 1879 a distinguished British Dermatologist who worked at University College Hospital in London.

Tilbury Fox established the Dermatology Departments at Charing Cross and Westminster Hospitals.

Tilbury Fox was a friend of homeopath Frederick Hervey Foster Quin.

Tilbury Fox advocated the use of nux vomica in his book Cholera Prospects, and he describes how sought after this remedy was in Alexandria as a treatment for cholera.

Tilbury Fox was oft quoted in homeopathic texts, as he was a pioneer in Dermatology, as homeopathy concentrates a great deal on skin symptoms in homeopathic provings, and the homeopaths were extremely grateful for Tilbury Fox’s carefully detailed work in this emerging specialism.

William Tilbury Fox, Son of Luther Owen Fox, M.D., and Mary Catherine Harries Tilbury. He studied dermatology & obstetrics at University College, London 1853-1858, and he practised at 43 Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London.

He taught at Charing Cross and University College Hospitals, London, and wrote several notable publications on skin diseases. He also wrote for The Lancet.

Unfortunately, William Tilbury Fox died young at the age of 43 from an anginal attack.

From “The Times” Thursday, June 12, 1879 OBITUARY - Dr. Tilbury FOX, whose death was briefly noticed yesterday, was the author of “Skin Diseases of Parasitic Origin, their Nature and Treatment,” published in 1863; “The Classification of Skin Diseases,” published in 1864; “Skin Diseases; their Description, Diagnosis, and Treatment,” which reached its third edition in 1872; “On Eczema, and incidentally the Influences of Constitutional Conditions in Skin Diseases,” published in 1870; “The Atlas of Skin Diseases,” published in 1875; and “The Epitome of Skin Diseases,” which reached its second edition in 1877.

He was joint author with Dr. FARQUHAR of a scheme, prepared for the India Office, for obtaining a better knowledge of the endemic skin diseases of the East. In 1875, with Dr. FARQUHAR, he issued a report upon the endemic skin diseases of India. He contributed various papers and clinical lectures on skin diseases to many of the medical papers.

From “The Times” Monday, June 16, 1879 DEATHS - On Saturday, the 7th June, while on a visit to Paris with his wife, very suddenly, Tilbury FOX, M.D., of 14, Harley Street, Cavendish Square, aged 43.


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