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Daniel Spillan 1796 - 1854

February 08, 2009

Daniel Spillan 1796 - 1854 BA Trinity Dublin 1822 MB Dublin 1826 MA Dublin 1826 MD Dublin was an Irish orthodox physician at the Dublin Dispensary who converted to homeopathy and practiced in London, and who was a Classical and Medical writer, and a member of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in 1837.

Daniel Spillan was a colleague of Frederick Hervey Foster Quin. He was also a colleague of was a colleague of John James Drysdale, Hugh CameronJohn Chapman, Matthew James Chapman, Edward Charles Chepmell, Paul Francois Curie, Harris F Dunsford, Edward Hamilton, Joseph Kidd, Thomas Robinson Leadam, Victor Massol, J Bell MetcalfeHenry Reynolds, John Rutherford Russell, David Wilson, Stephen Yeldham and many others.

D Spillan wrote The Clinique Médicale in 1835, Pharmacopoeia Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensis in 1837, Medical Clinic, Or, Reports of Medical Cases with Gabriel Andral and P M Latham in 1838, an introductory essay to A treatise on the medical jurisprudence of insanity in 1839, A Manual of General Therapeutics in 1841, A manual of percussion and auscultation in 1842, he translated A Practical Manual of Animal Magnetism by Alphonse Teste in 1843, Diseases of the Encephalon in 1843, Thesaurus Medicanaminum in 1849, he translated Homeopathic Handbook from German in 1851, Homeopathic Prescribers Pharmacopoeia in 1852, he translated Jahr’s Homeopathic Handbook by Gottlieb Heinrich Georg Jahr in 1853, and many books on history, biography, medicine and various subjects, and The story of My life (Hans Christian Andersen). Daniel Spillan wrote and translated literaly hundreds of books.


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