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Friedrich Edmund Peithner Ritter von Lichtenfels 1795 – 1854

February 05, 2009

Friedrich Edmund Peithner Ritter von Lichtenfels 1795 – 1854 practiced as a homeopath in Vienna for many years.

Lichtenfels was one of the early homeopaths who fought the Cholera epidemics in Europe, and in Lichtenfels case, he treated 44 cases of which only 3 died.

Lichtenfels taught Paul Wolf, and he was a colleague of Arnold, Lederer, Frantz Hartmann, Matthias Marenzeller, the brothers Veith, and Wricha.

Lichtenfels… who, in 1823, lived close to Prague with his family and who later rose to the post of personal physician to the governing prince of Liechtenstein, discovered his interest in Hahnemann’s doctrine.

He started a homeopathic practice which he continued later, after his doctorate (1824), in Vienna. Still under Francis I of Austria, Peithner was granted ad personam the privilege to treat his patients homeopathically.

Notice of Lichtenfels’ death is in The British Journal of Homeopathy in 1854.

Lichtenfels contributed cases to homeopathic publications, and he contributed to homeopathic provings, he conducted clinical trials with strychnine, and he dealt with all the homeopathic correspondence for Vienna.