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Joseph Halla 1814 – 1887

January 31, 2009

Joseph Halla 1814 – 1887 was a Czech orthodox physician who was Dean of the Medical Faculty at the Charles University in Prague.

Halla co-operated with Elias Altschul in the examination of homeopathic graduates.

Together with Munich, Vienna and Leipzig, Prague was one of the first universities where homeopathy was officially allowed to be taught.

From 1850, Elias Altschul lectured in the medical faculty of this university on homeopathy. This lectureship came with a polyclinic which essentially consisted in Elias Altschul’s private practice.

In 1860, Elias Altschul organised a public final examination for the graduates of his course, in which Professor Joseph Halla (1814 – 1887) participated who was then Dean of the Medical Faculty at the Charles University.