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Raphael Roche 1857 - 1945

January 28, 2009

Raphael Roche 1857 - 1945 was a Jewish homeopath who practiced in London, and who came from a well known musical family.

Roche was the grandson of Ignaz Moscheles, and was a famous pianist and conductor and musician in his own right, who played for the Queen and the Royal Family on 3.10.1888 ( quote from the Daily News, 4th October 1888).

Roche was a Member of the London Branch of the Medical Council and a Physician at the London Homeopathic Hospital (Anon, The Homeopathic World, Volume 30, (1895). Multiple pages. See also Anon, The British Homeopathic Review, Volume 47, (1908). Multiple pages.).

Raphael Roche treated George Bernard Shaw (Hesketh Pearson, Bernard Shaw: a biography, (Macdonald and Jane’s, 1975). Multiple pages.) and Edward Hesketh Gibbons Pearson, and he cured a great many people of ‘incurable diseases’, including cancer.

Edward William Elgar was recommended to a homeopath in 1933 ‘… My dear Elgar What a damnable nuisance ! The regular doctors are no use; but it might be worth while to try homeopathyI enclose a testimonial which I gave to Raphael Roche, who, however, charges 20 guineas for a diagnosis...’ (Edward Elgar, Letters of Edward Elgar and Other Writings, (Bles, 1956). Page 332).

Raphael Roche was a friend of Arnold Bennett, Herbert George Wells, Almroth Edward Wright.

Raphael Roche wrote The Science of Medicine, and many books on music, and Dithyrambs & outrages: Voltaire seen by his contemporaries.

Of interest:

Dr. J. Roche was a physician at The Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary in 1841 (George Atkin, The British and foreign homœopathic medical directory and record, (Groombridge & Sons, 1853). Page 54).

Dr. John Roche MD Glasgow, LRCS Ireland 78 St. Stephen’s Street, and an E B Roche LRCP London, MRCS LMSurrey Street Norwich, and a William Roche Ipswich were listed as homeopaths in 1889. (Anon, The Journal of the British Homeopathic Society, Volume 11, (British Homeopathic Society, 1889). Pages vi, 1 and 2).


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