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Sophie de Senneterre Renneville 1772 - 1822

January 25, 2009

Sophie de Senneterre Renneville 1772 - 1822 was a French feminist writer who lived in Paris and was a close friend of Melanie Hahnemann.

Melanie Hahnemann was a close friend of the Princess de Salm Dyke, who in 1808 together with the Countess of Beaufort and Sophie de Senneterre Renneville, published a journal Athene des Dames as a forum for discussion for women.

Larousse dictionary of XXth century in six volumes (1932) states: “Renneville (Sophie Senneterre), French author woman, born in Caen in 1772, died in Paris in 1822.

She wrote to support her ruined family many books for young people: Letters of Octavia (1806), Stanislas, King of Poland (1807); Galleries virtuous women (1808); Tales to my daughter and my little boy (1811); Stories for Children (1820); demoiselles of Mythology (1821); etc.. ”

As the introduction to the biography of illustrious women (In Paris, at Parmantier, Libraire Dauphine Street No. 14. 1825) a certain MG executor of the late Madame de Renneville reviews materials Sophie had prepared for The Biographical Dictionary for the Youth… on the main institutions, manners and customs of old.

he Biographical Dictionary for the Youth of 1825 does not evade discussion of the love of Sappho. Note that Anne Le Fevre Dacier was actually the first French translator of Sappho.


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