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Johann Nepomuk von Ringseis 1785 - 1880

January 08, 2009

Johann Nepomuk von Ringseis 1785 - 1880 was a doctor and professor in Munich.

Ringseis was a Romantic who believed that healing was a harmonious balance and an absence of disruption within the individual, was a friend of Joseph Attomyr. Ringseis was very influenced by homeopathy, and he used homeopathic remedies to treat his patients.

Frederick Hervey Foster Quin listed Ringseis as a homeopath in his Pharmacopoeia homoeopathica in 1834.

Ringseis was a friend of Elizabeth von Arnim and Fanny Mendelssohn.

Professors who already had a chair and who included homeopathic thoughts into their lectures especially were Josef von Zlatarovich (Vienna), Georg von Rapp (Tubingen), Joseph Reubel (Munich), Johann Nepomuk von Ringseis (Munich), Hugo Paul Friedrich Schulz (Greifswald) and August Karl Gustav Bier (Berlin).

Ringseis, and nine younger siblings, had attended the Cistercian monastery school in Forest Erbach. Johann graduated from the Gymnasium in Amberg, Germany in 1797, and studied from 1805 to 1812 medicine at the University of Landshut under Karl Friedrich Schimper.

After studies in Vienna (1812-1813) and Berlin (1814-1815), Ringseis travelled to Munich in 1816, where he was the personal physician of Crown Prince Ludwig. In 1818 Ringseis was appointed  Medizinalrat of Isarkreises, and in 1824 he became an extraordinary member of the Academy of Sciences. In1826, he was appointed Professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Munich.