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Eduard Friedrich Wilhelm Pfluger 1829 - 1910

January 06, 2009

Eduard Friedrich Wilhelm Pfluger (Pflueger) 1829 - 1910 was a German physiologist born in Hanau.

Eduard Pfluger was very close to the ’Griefswald homeopathHugo Paul Friedrich Schulz, and he studied under Emil du Bois Reymond who experimented with micro doses and the electric phenomena presented by living beings.

Pfluger studied medicine at the universities of Giessen and Berlin. While in Berlin he was an assistant to Johannes Peter Muller and Emil du Bois Reymond.

In 1859 he became professor of physiology at the University of Bonn where he remained for the rest of his career. Among his students in Bonn were physiologist Nathan Zuntz and chemist Hugo Paul Friedrich Schulz.

Pfluger made contributions in many aspects of physiology, including embryological physiology, respiratory physiology, sensory physiology and electrophysiology.

The eponymous Pfluger’s law (Pfluger’s Zuckungsgesetz) is the result of his research on electrical stimulation and its correlation to muscular contraction.

In 1868 he founded Archiv für die gesammte Physiologie (Pfluger’s Archiv: European Journal of Physiology) which became the most influential journal of physiology in Germany.

Pflüger is probably best known for his research with Karl Ludwig in the early 1870s regarding the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiration. He was able to prove that oxidation occurs in the peripheral tissues rather than in the blood, and that the blood was only responsible for transporting the respiratory gases.

Of interest:

Charles J Pflueger was a homeopath in California in 1926.

Edwin Herman Pfleuger was a homeopath in Philadelphia in 1905.

Georg Pflueger was a renowned German homeopath:

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