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Heinz Schoeler 1905 - 1973

December 30, 2008

Heinz Schoeler 1905 - 1973 German homeopath and Editor of the [_](\_ZflsMC&pg=PA274&dq=Allgemeine+Hom%C3%B6opathische+Zeitung&lr=&ei=8nxaSdi5OJSWMvLsoaUI)Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung_ from 1951.

Heinz Schoeler was a low potency  homeopath who was skeptical about the fashionable high potencies.

In 1957, Heinz Schoeler wrote in the _Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung_ that the manufacturing method for Q-potencies described by Hahnemann had been known for a while, even among scientific critical homeopaths, but it had not affected the actual practice.

He wrote:

Hahnemann came up with a strange way of preparing the potency stages in Paris: instead of taking a drop of remedy he succussed a globule saturated with the substance in 99 drops of alco- hol in order to produce the next potency stage.

His reason for doing this was, he said, that the majority of his Paris patients displayed an unusual nervous irritability. Even after administering the 30th centesimal dilution, unpleasant aggravations had often ensued.

He used the new method in order to avoid these negative side effects, these ‘homeopathic aggravations.’”…

It is little wonder then that in Germany initially only the Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie, founded in 1957, wrote about Hahnemann’s Q-potencies, but not the _Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung_, whose editor at the time was Heinz Schoeler.

However, in 1951, Schoeler did write about his doubts about high potency remedies. In Paris, Samuel Hahnemann had produced a highly diluted remedy to prevent aggravations occuring. Hans Wapler at the  Leipziger Homöopathische Poliklinik was most skeptical about these, and Heinz Schoeler also made no secret of his own skepticism.

Heinze Schoeler, Alfons Stiegele and Hans Wapler were part of the scientific critical direction in European homeopathy which attempted to reconcile science and homeopathy, and for them, high potencies were a step too far.

Heinz Schoeler’s Obituary is in Thieme.

Heinz Schoeler wrote Das Hochpotenzproblem in der Homöopathie, Die Weihe’schen Druckpunkte, Die Weiheschen Druckpunkte, Homöogramm Helleborus niger, Homeopathics Repetitorium, Homöopathie von A bis Z, Kompendium der wissenschaftlichen und praktischen Homöopathie Fortsetzungsband zu,


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