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Ernst Bastanier 1870 - 1953

December 30, 2008

Ernst Bastanier 1870 - 1953 was a German homeopath from Berlin. Ernst Bastanier was the first homeopath to hold a Chair of Homeopathy in the Berlin University, and he taught homeopathy at the University of Berlin from 1928 to 1939, where he was the Head of a homeopathic polyclinic at the University in Berlin, and from 1939 - 1945 he saw patients privately, supported by donated funds.

In 1929, Ernst Bastanier was also a lecturer at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin.

Ernst Bastanier’s Obituary is in Thieme.

Ernst Bastanier wrote Brief therapy and medicines to use for teaching aspiring homeopathic doctors, Guiding in the homeopathic treatment with Eugene Beauharnais Nash, and forewords to books on homeopathy. Ernast Bastanier’s lectures on homeopathy had a wide circulation in America.


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