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Adolf Albrecht Friedlander 1870 - 1949

December 30, 2008

Adolf Albrecht Friedlander 1870 - 1949 was a German Jewish homeopath and Psychiatrist and a Titular Professor in Berlin, and at the Hohe Mark Sanatorium, near Frankfurt.

Adolf Albrecht Friedlander also lectured on homeopathy in Frieburg where he held a Professorship. Friedlander was a Peace Advocate in 1912, and he wrote several political treatise to this effect. Friedlander argued that Kaiser Wilhelm was a victim of inbreeding and mental instability.

Adolf Albrecht Friedlander addressed the Third Congress of the General Medical Council in 1928, arguing for a consensus in medicine between homeopathy and allopathy, and condemning the over prescription of drugs.

Carl Gustav Jung wrote to Sigmund Freud about an article by Adolf Albrecht Friedlander, who was quite a foe of psychoanalysis (or just of Sigmund Freud?) In the fall and winter of 1908, Adolf Albrecht Friedlander treated one of Sigmund Freud’s patients, Sergei Konstantinovitch Pankejeff - the ‘Wolf Man’, in his sanatorium near Frankfurt, and he attracted some severe criticism from Sigmund Freud as a result.

This particular spat got quite nasty! In fact Adolf Albrecht Friedlander was simply criticising the negative portrayal of women in Sigmund Freud’s theory of sexuality, and he was an enthusiastic advocate of psychoanalysis.

Adolf Albrecht Friedlander wrote Wilhelm II. Eine politisch psychologische Studie, Das Konnersreuther Wunder?, and books on Psychoanalysis, and he contributed to Psychiatry journals. Adolf Albrecht Friedlander also contributed his homeopathic cases to homeopathic journals which were widely circulated in America. He was a particular advocate of the homeopathic remedy Camphor.

Of interest:

Friedlander was obviously a surname with Jewish roots, and many of them ended up in South Africa after World War II.

*Adolf Friedlander, father of Max Friedlander, a famous German lawyer, committed suicide in 1942 to escape deportation to a Nazi extermination camp

Benedickt Friedlander 1866 - 1908 philosopher and biologist and nudist, founded a homosexual association in Berlin in 1890

**Henry Friedlander **1930 - , incarcerated during World War II in various camps, including Auschwitz, and entered the United States in 1947. Born in Berlin, Germany to a Jewish family…

Karl Friedlander 1847 - 1887 is famous for his isolation of the bacteria causing pneumonia of the lung, the Friedlander bacillus or Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Max Friedlander 1857 - 1958 son of *Adolf Friedlander, lawyer, and ?subsequently an art historian, thankfully seems to have escaped Nazi persecution.

Richard Friedlander ran a sanotorium in Weisbaden with water and thermal therapy.

Saul Friedlander 1932

  • is a Pulitzer Prize winner Czechoslovak born Franco-Israeli historian who resides in the United States…

Born in Prague to German speaking Jews, Saul Friedlander grew up in France and survived the German Occupation of 1940–1944. From 1942 until 1944, Friedlander was hidden in a Catholic boarding school in Montlucon, near Vichy, posing as a Gentile. While in hiding, he considered converting to Roman Catholicism. His parents attempted to flee to Switzerland, were arrested instead by Vichy French gendarmes, turned over to the Germans and were gassed at the Auschwitz death camp. Not until 1946 did Friedlander learn the fate of his parents.


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