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Josef von Zlatarovich 1807 - 1874

December 28, 2008

Josef von Zlatarovich 1807 - 1874 held the Chair of Homeopathy in Vienna, and Professor of Pathology and Professor of Materia Medica in the Joseph’s Academy of Vienna.

Zlatarovich arranged provings of aconite, and bryonia, and, kali bichromium, and Nat mur, and Sulphur, and thuja.

Josef von Zlatarovich went to the Academy in Zagreb from 1818 - 1824, his thesis publicly defended the positions of general philosophy at the Zagreb Academy. The thesis is entitled: Positiones ex universa Philosophia quas in regia scientiarum Academia Zagrebiensi. The booklet is dedicated to the Zagreb bishop Maksimilian Vrhovec (1752 - 1827).

Zlatarovich then went to the University of Vienna, where he graduated in 1830. His Disertation was entitled Inauguralis medica de Genie Morborum statinario, Joseph de Zlatarovich Croata Zagrabiensis, wherein he discussed the “genius morbi” or character of illness, which he says is dependent on external influences, such as: time, seasons, climate, soil composition, position, place, food, the composition of air, wind direction. Diseases in one place, he postulated, will have common features.

After graduating in medical sciences, Zlatarovic became assistant to the medical clinic in Wawrukovoj in 1834. As an assistant, Zlatarovich issued a work entitled Geschichte des epidemischen Katarrhs (Influenza, Grippe) welcher im Frühjahr in1833. This work was dedicated to Professor Johannu Nep.

Zlatarovich became Professor of Theoretical and Practical Medicine at the military surgical school in Josefinuma, a member of the Commission at the Vienna Garnizonske Main Hospital in 1834. Zlatarovich asked the academic director of the General Pathology and Pharmacology for higher rates. At the same time he received a position as Supervisor of the Military Utility of Medicines, where he assigned reports on criminology and epidemiology from the Lombard Venetian and the Croatian Slavonian Krajina.

Since he was involved in the revolutionary movement, he retired in1849 and his family moved to Zagreb in1850. Zlatarovich attended a meeting of physicians from Zagreb and then he moved to Trieste, and from Trieste to Graz, where he focused on medical practice until he died in 1874.

Zlatarovich contributed cases for homeopathic review and he conducted many homeopathic provings.