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Hermann Schlueter 1903 - 1995

December 27, 2008

Hermann Schlueter 1903 - 1995 MD Munster 1930 physician at the The Stuttgart Homeopathic Hospital, later the Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital.

Hermann Schuelter was a colleague of Otto Leeser, Julius Mezger, Alfons Stiegele and Erich Unseld.

The Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital was one of the major facilities for homeopathy in Wuerttemberg; it was opened in 1940, and well known names in homeopathy the postwar years have worked there, such as: Hermann Schlueter, Alfons Stiegele, Erich Unseld, the most famous medical director was probably Otto Leeser and his senior Julius Mezger.

The Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital had a clinic where Oswald Schlegel, Hans Theodor Ritter, Konrad and Hotzer worked, to name just a few names.


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