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Alfons Stiegele 1871 - 1956

December 27, 2008

Alfons Stiegele 1871 - 1956 was a German homeopath and the Director of The Stuttgart Homeopathic Hospital for thirty years. German homeopaths still award the Professor Alfons Stiegele Forschungspreis für Homöopathie’ prize and the Professor Alfons Stiegele Research Award in homeopathy.

Alfons Stiegele also worked at Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital, one of the major facilities for homeopathy in Wurttemberg opened in 1940. Stiegele was a colleague of Otto Leeser, Julius Mezger, Hermann Schlueter, and Erich Unseld.

Alfons Siiegele taught Wolf Dieter Kessler.

During the Third Reich clinical trials with homoeopathy were only carried out at the Homeopathic Hospital in Stuttgart (until 1940), where Alfons Stiegele was director.

Its successor, Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital was inaugurated in 1940, but no more clinical research was conducted because of the war.

It was not until after the end of World War II that individual case studies were published which were meant to serve the “clinical demonstration of homeopathic medicine.”

In 1915 - 1927, Alfons Stiegele had also conducted earlier research:

Controlled Substance No. 1: Aethiops antimonialis Alfonso Stiegel Deutsche Zeitschrift für Homöopathie 44 (1927), S. 46-50 Source: German magazine for Homeopathy 44 (1927), p. 46-50 where he treated 15 patients with Colica Mucosa the treatment was successful, with 3 patients unsuccessful.

Tested substance No. 2: arsenic Alfonso Stiegel Deutsche Zeitschrift für Homöopathie 39 (1922), S. 145-163 Source: German magazine for Homeopathy 39 (1922), p. 145-163_ _where he found that the pharmaceutical trials was very important therapeutically.

No. 3 animals with sodium mur: Max Harder, led by Alfonso Stiegel Deutsche Zeitschrift für Homöopathie 42 (1925), S. 145-151 Source: German magazine for Homeopathy 42 (1925), p. 145-151 where, repeating a previous experiment of Guy Beckley Stearns’s, Stiegele found that he could not replicate the results (Guy Beckley Stearns used 90 aminals, Stiegele used only 8).

A more detailed list of successful research into homeopathy at Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital during the period 1915 - 1978 can be found here:

Some of the cases overseen by Alfons Stiegele can be found here:

Alfons Stiegele’s Obituary is in Thieme.

Alfons Stiegele wrote Verdienste um die Homöopathie. Zum Andenken an seinen 100. Geburtstag. Hom. Monatsbl. 96, 12 (1971) 275-277. Stiegele also contributed to Richard Haehl’s book on Samuel Hahnemann by allowing access to some of Hahnemann’s personal letters. Stiegele also wrote articles about Paracelcus, many journal articles, and also been the subject of many books.


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