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Werner Siebert 1897 - 1951

December 25, 2008

Werner Siebert 1897 - 1951 was a German physician at the Rudolf Virchow Hospital in Berlin who was involved in homeopathic research.

Werner Siebert was a colleague of Hanns Rabe.

Between 1936 and 1939 drug provings were carried out on behalf of the Reich health authorities in various homeopathic hospitals.

Their “main purpose was to research the reliability of former provings and the validity of the drug pictures that were based on them”.

The research team consisted of homeopath Professor Hanns Rabe, internist Professor Werner Siebert and the professors of pharmacology Gustav Kuschinsky and Richard Bonsmann (life dates not known). Fritz Donner, who practised at the time in the homeopathy department of the Rudolf Virchow Hospital in Berlin, was also involved in the programme.


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