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Hans Christian Lund 1765 – 1846

December 07, 2008

Hans Christian Lund 1765 – 1846 was an Dutch allopathic physician who had already practiced medicine for 56 years before he converted to homeopathy.

Hans Christian Lund was the first Dutch homeopath in 1821, and a student of Samuel Hahnemann.

Lund translated several of Samuel Hahnemann’s tracts into Danish, and he also translated several important homeopathic books into Danish, and he began the first Homeopathic Journal in Danish in 1833, Homeopathy or The Medical Art Reformed, thus preparing the ground for homeopathy in Denmark.

Hans Christian Lund taught homeopathy to Hans Burch Gram

Hans Christian Lund, the earliest and most prominent of the Danish homeopaths, who may have been a student of Samuel Hahnemann.

Hans Christian Lund was a contributor to the Hahnemann Jubilee of 1829, at which time he was practicing homeopathy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His name appears both on the Zeitung list of 1832 and Frederick Hervey Foster Quin’s list of 1834.

Dr. Oscar Hansen writes: “In Denmark the system of Homeopathy was not generally known until the year 1821, when Dr. Lund, a medical practitioner fifty six years old, adopted it”. Lund was a diligent man; he translated into Danish and published a great number of books on Homeopathy. Lund died in Copenhagen, April 17, 1846.

Hans Christian Lund was originally a ships’s doctor, he started practising homeopathically in 1821. Members of the bourgeoisie and upper middle class were the most likely readers of his popular medical translations.

Of interest:

Christian Leontin Lund 1818 - 1875 son of Hans Christian Lund. Christian Leontin Lund was a colleague of** Johann Carl Ludwig Pabst. **

Henrick Lund tried to gain a Doctorate at the University of Copenhagen in 1867 with a Dissertation on Arnica.


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