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George MacLeod 1912 - 1995

October 25, 2008

George MacLeod (McLeod) 1912 - 1995 MRCVS DVSM Veterinary FF. Hom was a homeopathic vet, President of The British Association of Homeopathic Vets, Veterinary Consultant to The Homeopathic Development Foundation.

Many of the greatest homeopaths in Britain were born and educated in Scotland, even though they may have ‘made their mark’ south of the border.

Examples include Robert Ellis Dudgeon, John Weir, William Henderson, Thomas Skinner, George MacLeod, John Paterson, Robert Gibson Miller and William Ernest Boyd, all of whom rank as great homeopaths in world terms.

George MacLeod, a graduate of Glasgow University, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on homeopathic treatment of animals. He is one of the few veterinary surgeons to use homeopathic medicines wholly and exclusively.

George MacLeod taught in John DaMonte’s study group, and he knew Thomas Maughan and Donald MacDonald Foubister. MacLeod was a great fan of Edward Bach, and he favoured the flower essences for use with animals.

George MacLeod wrote The Treatment of Cattle by Homeopathy, The Treatment of Horses by Homeopathy, Goats: Homeopathic Remedies, Dogs: Homeopathic Remedies, Veterinary Materia Medica with Repertory, Pigs: The Homeopathic Approach to the Treatment and Prevention of Diseases, Raystede Handbook of Homeopathic Remedies For Animals with M Raymond Hawkins, Homeopathy in Veterinary Practice with Ken Biddis, and many articles in the Homeopath and the British Homeopathic Journal.

Of interest:

A Dr. MacLeod was a subscriber to the monument of Samuel Hanemann in Germany in 1845.

Kenneth MacLeod was a student of William Henderson:

William MacLeod ?1816- ?1879

William Macleod was a St Andrews graduate of 1843 and became FRCPE the same year. He was a lecturer in the institutes of medicine at the Extra-academical School in Argyll Square, Edinburgh and a physician to the Royal Public Dispensary.

Later he practised in Yorkshire, and as a homeopathist crossed swords with James Young Simpson during the controversies of the 1850s…

Later, the Edinburgh Medico Chirurgical Society approved a motion (proposed by Professor Syme and seconded by James Young Simpson) ‘that William Henderson’s name be deleted from the list of members’. At the same meeting, in a night of the long knives, Dr MacDonald, Dr MacLeod and Charles Ransford were also expelled.


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