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Richard Walter Heurtley 1820 - 1889

October 17, 2008

**Richard Walter Heurtley **1820? - 1889? was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy was a patron of the British Homeopathic Society alongside John Epps, Marmaduke Blake Sampson and Thomas Uwins. Richard Walter Heurtley was also the Honorary Secretary of the English Homeopathic Association, and he was instrumental in the founding of the British Homepathic Association.

Richard Walter Heurtley practiced at 109 Water Street

Richard Walter Heurtley was a colleague of the Marquis of Anglesea, Francis Black, Edward Charles Chepmell, the Duke of Beaufort, Robert Grosvenor, Edward Hamilton, John Ozanne, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, John Rutherford Russell and many others

Richard Walter Heurtley was listed as a passenger on the steam ship Algeria, bound for Liverpool from America on 12.5.1881 ( Richard Walter Heurtley was a frequent visitor to New York (Anon, The Hahnemannian Monthly, Volume 2, (LaBarre Printing Company, 1867). Page 555), where he was also active (Anon, The Western Homoeopathic Observer, Volume 4, (H.C.G. Luyties, 1867). Page 148) in American Homeopathy, and attended meetings of the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1867, thus he knew Pemberton Dudley, The Wesselhoeft Family and many others.

In 1845, the British Homeopathic Association was formed with Marmaduke Blake Sampson, Richard Walter Heurtley and John Epps.

Of Interest:

Arthur Heurtley was born on December 26, 1860, the only son of Dr. Richard Walter Heurtley and Dr. Cornelia Brown Sill.

He became a successful banker with the Northern Trust Company in Chicago, which he joined upon its organization in 1889. He remained with the bank until his retirement in 1920, ultimately reaching the position of Secretary.

Heurtley lived with his widowed father and stepmother in River Forest, Illinois until his marriage to Grace Crampton of Iowa in 1890. The newlyweds lived in River Forest until 1894, when they moved to Oak Park. They lived in three different residences with their two children Richard and Katherine before moving into their new house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1902.

Arthur Heurtley House in Illinois is now a protected historical building.

Charles Abel Heurtley 1806 - 1895 Professor of Divinity Oxford University

Walter Abel Heurtley 1927 - 1938 Archaeologist


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