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William Vallancy Drury 1820 - 1892

October 12, 2008

William Vallancy Drury MD Edin. MRIA 1820? - 1892 was an orthodox British physician who converted to homeopathy to become Physician in Charge of the Diseases of Children to the London Homeopathic Hospital.

William Vallancy Drury practiced at 7 Harley Street.

In 1858 a Festival in aid of the London Homeopathic Hospital was held with many Aristocratic and minor gentry patrons attending, alongside Dr. Ayerst, William Bayes, Hugh Cameron, Edward Charles Chepmell, William Vallancy Drury, George Napoleon Epps, Arthur Guinness, Edward Hamilton, Frantz Hartmann, Amos Henriques, Joseph Kidd, Thomas Robinson Leadam, J Bell Metcalfe, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, Henry Reynolds, John Rutherford Russell, Charles Caulfield Tuckey, George Wyld, Stephen Yeldham, and many others.

The staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital included Edward Bach, Francis Henry Bodman, George Henry Burford, James Compton Burnett, John Henry Clarke, Arthur Crowden Clifton, Robert Thomas Cooper, William Vallancey Drury, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, Washington Epps, Robert Douglas Hale, Richard Hughes, Edwin Awdas Neatby and Charles Edwin Wheeler and many others.

William Vallancy Drury was a colleague of John Rutherford Russell, and he was also colleague of William Edward Ayerst, Hugh Cameron, John Chapman, Matthew James ChapmanEdward Charles Chepmell, Paul Francois Curie, George Napoleon Epps, James Epps, John Epps, James Manby Gully, Edward Hamilton, George Calvert Holland, Richard Hughes, Joseph Kidd, Thomas Robinson Leadam, Victor Massol, J Bell Metcalfe, Samuel Thomas Partridge, Henry Reynolds, David Wilson, Stephen Yeldham and many others.

In 1867, pressure from allopathic physicians forced the resignation of William Vallancy Drury from the Linen and Wollen Drapers Union, despite his re-election by his colleagues.

William Vallancy Drury is listed in The Homeopathic Medical Directory of Great Britain and Ireland in 1871 and The Homeopathic Medical Directory in 1872.

William Vallancy Drury was born in Ireland to Charles Cheshyre Drury, a soldier, and Letitia Preston Vallancy. He was married three times and had nine children.

William Vallancy Drury wrote Homeopathy and its Opponents, Cholera and Diarrhoea, Cholera: Its Treatment on Homeopathic Principles, On Fatty Disease of the Heart, and Softening: With Homeopathic Treatment, and articles for The British Journal of Homeopathy, Homeopathic Guide in the Treatment of Accidents, and the Use of External Remedies, Teething and Croup… enriched with Notes & Additions, Eruptive Fevers, and many other journals and periodicals.


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