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Jas Bell Metcalfe 1820 - 1890

October 04, 2008

Jas Bell Metcalfe MRCS Eng. 1820? - 1890? was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy,

Jas Bell Metcalfe was a student of Paul Francois Curie in 1843, and he was a member of the British Homeopathic Society in 1847.

Jas Bell Metcalfe was a Resident Physician at a small hospital at Paul Francois Curie’s house, alongside Barry, Edward Charles Chepmell, Sydney Hanson, William Leaf, Victor MassolJohn Ozanne, William Parsons,

Jas Bell Metcalfe practiced at 16 Clapton Square Hackney, 9 Clapton Square, Hackney in 1855, and in 1866 at 1 Portland Place, Clapton. He is listed in the Homeopathic Medical Directory of Great Britain and Ireland in 1871.

Jas Bell Metcalfe was active in the foundation of the London Homeopathic Hospital, which was established at 32 Golden Square in 1851. He was a was a colleague of Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, the first President of the British Homeopathic Society, and Marmaduke Blake Sampson, the Chairman of the British Homeopathic Association, and many other homeopaths.

Jas Bell Metcalfe was also a colleague of William Edward Ayerst, Hugh Cameron, John Chapman, Matthew James Chapman, Edward Charles Chepmell, Paul Francois Curie, William Vallancy Drury, George Napoleon Epps, James Epps, John Epps, James Manby Gully, Edward Hamilton, George Calvert Holland, Richard Hughes, Joseph Kidd, Thomas Robinson Leadam, Victor Massol, David Wilson, Samuel Thomas Partridge, Henry Reynolds, John Rutherford Russell, Stephen Yeldham and many others.

Jas Bell Metcalfe contributed to The Journal of the British Homeopathic Society in 1864,

Of interest:

C T P Metcalfe was a Steward at the Annual Festival in aid of the funds of the Charity, and in commemoration of the opening of the London Homeopathic Hospital on Thursday, the 10th of April 1851,

John Chapman, George Atkin, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin and Robert Ellis Dudgeon, John Rutherford Russell, James W Metcalf (I would imagine this is actually Jas Bell Metcalf) and an anonymous ‘friend’ put together a Directory of British and Foreign Homeopaths and their supporters to counter the suppression of all mention of homeopaths and their supporters (George AtkinThe British and Foreign Homeopathic Medical Directory and Record, (Groombridge & Sons, 1853)) by the editors of the London and Provincial Medical Directory in 1853.

R Metcalfe is mentioned in The Monthly Homeopathic Review in 1886.


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