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Victor Massol 1808 - 1870

September 29, 2008

Victor Massol 1808? - 1870? was a Hungarian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, and he is mentioned in The British Journal of Homeopathy and The British and Foreign Homeopathic Medical Directory and Record in 1845 and 1855 when he is listed as a member of the British Homeopathic Society.

Victor Massol was a Resident Physician at a small hospital at Paul Francois Curie’s house, alongside Barry, Edward Charles Chepmell, Sydney Hanson, William Leaf, Jas Bell Metcalfe, John Ozanne, William Parsons,

Victor Massol is listed as a homeopath of 4 Denmark Hill Camberwell in 1851 was a colleague of Hugh Cameron, John Chapman, Matthew James Chapman, Edward Charles Chepmell, John James Drysdale, Thomas Robinson LeadamSamuel Thomas Partridge, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, John Rutherford Russell, David Wilson, Stephen Yeldham and many others.

Victor Massol was an active campaigner for homeopathy and a friend of Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, the first President of the British Homeopathic Society, and Marmaduke Blake Sampson, the Chairman of the British Homeopathic Association, and many other homeopaths. Victor Massol was active in the foundation of the London Homeopathic Hospital, which was established at 32 Golden Square in 1851.

Victor Massol was also a colleague of William Edward Ayerst, Hugh Cameron, John Chapman, Matthew James Chapman, Edward C Chepmell, Paul Francois Curie, William Vallancy Drury, George Napoleon Epps, James Epps, John Epps, James Manby Gully, Edward Hamilton, George Calvert Holland, Richard Hughes, Joseph Kidd, Thomas Robinson Leadam, Victor Massol, J Bell Metcalfe, Samuel Thomas Partridge, Henry Reynolds, John Rutherford Russell, Stephen Yeldham and many others.

In 1849, Victor Massol reports that he is a Hungarian, living and practicing in England for the last ten years, and that he has been a homeopath for the last fourteen years. There were many Hungarian refugees in London at this time, and in 1847 Lajos Kossuth was staying with John Epps.

Homeopathy flourished in Hungary from as early as 1820 see the development of homeopathy in Hungary and the story of homeopathy in Hungary and an overview of the beginnings of the alternative medicine in Hungary, based on the articles of the first Hungarian medical journal, Orvosi Tár (Medical Magazine) published in the period 1831-1848.

However, in 1856 The British Journal of Homeopathy reports that Victor Massol was a Frenchman who had now returned to France! In 1846 Victor Massol presents a paper to the British Journal of Homeopathy on his Paris cases from the Hospital in St. Louis.