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Edward Lombe ? - 1862

September 14, 2008

Edward Lombe ? - 1862 was an eccentric, athiest landowner who lived mostly in Florence and in Tuscany, and he was a major financial contributor to John Chapman’s Westminster Review.

Edward Lombe was the late High Sheriff of Norfolk was most keen to get a translation of Auguste Comte, and he approached John Chapman about this with offers of sponsorship, and John Chapman talked Harriet Martineau into its completion. Edward Lombe was eager to produce publications on various topics.

Edward Lombe owned the estates and manor house around St Mary’s Church Bylaugh, where he died in 1862. He also owned the water and paper mill at Swanton Morley and land in Norfolk, where his wife died in 1853. Their descendants are listed in Burke’s Peerage as the family were Baronets, having made their money through the manufacture of silk. Edward Lombe was also the benefactor of a local school in Norfolk, in Herthersett, and his ornithological collection was worthy of mention in the local histories and he contributed to his Natural History Society. He was also keen to promote local horticulture amongst the tennants of his estates.

Edward Lombe was quite litigious, and his estates were before the High Court Chancellory in 1841.

Edward Lombe was a Freemason.


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