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Noel Puddephatt 1899 - 1965

August 01, 2008

Noel Puddephatt 1899 - 1965 was a lay homeopath trained by John Henry Clarke alongside Canon Roland Upcher and J Ellis Barker. Noel Puddephatt practiced in Devonshire Street, London W1.

Noel Puddephatt trained Phyllis M Speight in the 1950s, and George Vithoulkas and Sheilagh Creasy,

Phyllis M Speight studied the philosophy and Materia Medica of homeopathy for 4 years before going into partnership with Noel Puddephatt. They practised first in Brighton and then in London. When Noel Puddephatt went abroad [he emigrated to South Africa in April 1963], Phyllis M Speight continued to work in London, and expanded her practice to include first Hampshire and then Sussex.

Noel Puddephatt is said to have trained a few people in Homeopathy during an earlier stay in South Africa, which later led to his permanent residence here… Noel Puddephatt eventually immigrated to South Africa in April 1963. As lecturer at Lindlahr in 1964 Puddephatt was one of the primary early teachers of both George Vithoulkas and Sheilagh Creasy.

In 1956, Lindlahr College was established and trained students in homeopathy, naturopathy, and osteopathy. It ran a 4-year part-time course. Noel Puddephatt lectured at Lindlahr in 1964.

The Homeopathic Medical College of South Africa (Johannesburg) was established soon after as a five-year resident school and “fully registered with the Ministry of Health in South and West Africa for the practice of Homeopathic Medicine.”

The course allowed successful students to register and practice in South Africa as homeopaths, and was run as a part-time series for three years.

Noel Puddephatt wrote Homeopathic Correspondence Course, Puddephatt’s Primers with Phyllis M Speight, The Homeopathic Materia Medica, First Steps to Homeopathy, Sign Posts to the Homeopathic Remedies and How to Find the Correct Remedy.