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Francis Hodgson Atlanta Orme 1834 - 1913

April 25, 2008

GeorgiaFrancis Hodgson Atlanta Orme 1834 - 1913 President of American Institute of Homœopathy, Orme successfully fought the Yellow Fever epidemics in the South and he was a member of the Homœopathic Yellow Fever Commission in 1878. Orme was a working homeopath for forty years.

Francis Hodgson Orme of Atlanta, Georgia, was born January 6, 1834, at Dauphin, Pennsylvania, son of Archibald Orme and Lucy Priestley, his wife, a granddaughter of Dr. Joseph Priestley, the discoverer of oxygen, etc.

He began the study of medicine under the direction of Dr. James Banks Gilbert, was subsequently with Dr. W. H. Banks in Savannah, Georgia, and continued in study for four years. He entered the Medical College of the University of New York in 1851, and graduated from that institution in 1854.

He engaged in general practice in Savannah until 1861, when he removed to Atlanta, where he has since practiced. Since 1859 he has been a member of the American Institute of Homœopathy and in 1886 he was elected President of the institute. He presided at the meeting in Saratoga in 1887.

Dr. Orme married, in 1867, Ellen V. Woodward of South Carolina. Their children are Elizabeth Woodward (Mrs. F. C. Block) and Frank Orme.

In 1850 Dr. Francis Hodgson Orme entered the office of Dr. Charles Edward Gilbert as a student, and completed his studies in the medical department of the University of New York. He graduated from that institution in 1854 ; returned to Savannah and entered into partnership with Dr. W. H. Banks.

Almost his first professional experience was during the epidemic of yellow fever that so terribly decimated the south in 1855, and during which one thousand people died of that disease.

During the height of the epidemic, of five homœopathic physicians then resident in Savannah, Dr. Orme alone was able to practice, the others having sickened and left the city.

He escaped the fever until late in the season, when, a severe attack compelled him to leave his post for a time. His great success with homœopathic remedies caused the system to become very popular.

The partnership with Dr. W. H. Banks continued for four years, when another epidemic of yellow fever visited the region, and Dr. Orme for the second time contracted the disease. He went to Atlanta, in which city he afterward made his home.

In 1878 he was a member of the Homœopathic Yellow Fever Commission. He has taken an active part in sessions of the American Institute of Homœopathy.

Orme was present at the World’s Homeopathic Convention of 1896.

Francis Orme Chairman of the Committee on Medical Legislation, submitted a report which took the form of an appeal for non-sectarian legislation which the body politic moved to have printed and published for distribution to the legislative bodies of the Southern States…

Then it elected F. H. Orme, M.D., a charter member of the Southern Homeopathic Medical Association, its President for 1887…

Orme reported healthy growth of homeopathy in Georgia where there existed laws recognizing the diplomas of graduates of reputable schools.


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